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Marc Sparks: In China, it’s all about Relationships

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China is an entrepreneur’s dream; According to Fortune magazine, China has the highest number of the world’s richest people under age forty and eleven of the world’s richest women entrepreneurs. If you want to tap into that lucrative market, serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks suggests you focus on relationships. What I discovered is that in business, the Chinese are extremely relationship-oriented. They only do business with people they know, like, and respect. To them, a transaction is not about business—it’s about the relationship, and those take time to build.  Read more...

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Marc Sparks: China Builds Upward, not Outward

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If you’re planning to open a business in China that relies on ample foot traffic, entrepreneur Marc Sparks says know this: To put things in perspective, there are roughly thirty high-rise buildings in Dallas and 172 skyscrapers in New York City. At the end of 2004—nearly ten years ago—there were 6,704 buildings of eleven stories or more, completed since 1990, in Shanghai alone. The cities in China are designed for vertical living—pedestrian traffic from the street would be challenging, to say the least. Read more...

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Marc Sparks: Move to China? In a Heartbeat!

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Entrepreneur Marc Sparks says, “If I were thirty years old and had the business savvy I have today, I’d move to China in a heartbeat!” It’s a 3,000-year-old culture with a twenty-five year-old “Westernized” history. They openly embrace our ways! While China has thousands of Kentucky Fried Chickens, Pizza Inns, Ritz-Carltons, Four Seasons, and Mercedes and Ford dealerships, it is a country still incredibly ripe for thousands more of everything. Read more here.

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Marc Sparks: Opening a Door to China

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China has a remarkable 3,000-year-old culture, and the Chinese take touring their national treasures to a whole new level. While traveling there, entrepreneur Marc Sparks met a tour guide—Lindy was her Western name. Lindy said she and her husband wanted to dedicate their lives to teaching the Chinese people how to speak English. Her dream helped inspire Marc to pursue doing business in China as well. Read more here.

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Marc Sparks: Travel is the BEST stimulation!

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Strolling along the Great Wall of China. Exploring the deepest jungles of Africa while on a safari. Diving the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. These are just a few of the activities entrepreneur Marc Sparks enjoyed during a trip around the world in twenty six days, and he believes this kind of stimulation is an absolute must for any serial entrepreneur. Read more here.

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Marc Sparks: As a Parent, You Know You’ve Done Right When…

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Marc Sparks has reached tremendous success and received many accolades in the business world during his forty-plus years as an entrepreneur, but recently he was reminded that the greatest achievements hit close to home. A simple Facebook post—a photo of him with his daughter at a charity event, with the caption she wrote, “So Proud of This Man”—is perhaps the greatest compliment he has ever received. Read more here.

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