Marc Sparks’ Views on News: Work from Home or NOT…Seriously?

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Marc Sparks’ Views on News: Work from Home or NOT…Seriously?

If you are among those who feel compelled to respond regarding Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to get her staff back in the office instead of allowing them to work from home … please know that only those with the following qualifications may chime in:

(Editor’s note—Marc Sparks, founder and owner of Timber Creek Capital, meets ALL of these qualifications and then some):

  1. Have started your own business, raised capital for the business, and maintained a staff of at least 10 people.
  2. Have managed a staff and run a business with at least 20 people for a minimum of 3 years.
  3. Have been held accountable to a board of directors.
  4. Have been accountable to over 20 shareholders.
  5. Have been held accountable to investment bankers that are demanding success on multiple levels.
  6. Have taken a company public or run a publicly traded company.
  7. Have been held 100 percent responsible for sales, revenue, and expenses.
  8. Have been held responsible to meet a payroll and pay payroll taxes and benefits, twice a month for no less than 20 people for 3 years.
  9. Have been held responsible to design, deliver, and produce new products and services on a monthly basis.
  10. Have been held responsible to successfully navigate a company that was once trading for over $400 a share and is now trading at $20 a share.

If you are an individual that is telecommuting and gets a salary direct-deposited into your checking account and do not have any of the above qualifications, then you are required to  SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE! Yes, that’s right—you are like a fox inside the chicken coup deciding if you want your chicken baked, smoked, fried, or grilled.

Marc Sparks: ‘Collaboration is Key’

In my 34 years as a serial entrepreneur, I have started dozens of company in dozens of verticals through Timber Creek Capital and other ventures. I have maintained an open-door policy, and promote the same among all staff members. COLLABORATION is key and vital to the success of any company, regardless of the size of the company. Without “real time” collaboration, a company will be dogged with lackluster success at best. Sure, you can be marginally  successful  without real-time collaboration, but you will be wildly successful if everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction at  the same time,  instead of  emailing each other  to  decide when you are going to have that discussion “x” days later.

Marc Sparks: ‘It’s Called WORK for a Reason’

Marissa Mayer is obviously trying to save a sinking ship and she is, in essence, saying… “enough of the new wave lifestyle/work crap… we are in trouble here guys, and we need to get our people in here and  start working together by the minute or  everyone is going to be looking for a  job.” I think she is also saying, “Those of you that have been hiding behind the ‘telecommuting’ and ‘new wave’ skirts and honestly giving your company about 20 hours of work each week—you are DONE! PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR AND QUIT.”  It’s called “work” for a reason. It’s not called “watch the Today Show in your underwear, tap away at your laptop for a bit, and then watch Oprah between power naps.” If these telecommuters were completely honest, the public would be blown away at the real human behavior that takes place during the day while sitting in their skivvies.

Marc Sparks’ Food for Thought  

There is a reason why one of the most successful companies in the world (Apple) does not have a “work from home” program!   REAL-TIME COLLABORATION IS VITAL is not only to the company’s success, but to the core of our country’s success as well.

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur who has been involved in more than sixty start-ups since the Seventies. He is also the owner and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm. Read more Marc Sparks’ insights at and excerpts from his upcoming book, The Can’t Eat You at